Then, let's connect with reporters to see how the Blue House is seeing this movement in North Korea.

Reporter Chung Kyung-yoon, did the Blue House today announce the official position on North Korea's decision to withhold?


Today, the Blue House did not take a special position all day.

"No admission" means that the Blue House is in the position.

When I asked the Blue House officials, there was a voice saying that the North Korean military action plan was put on hold, but rather than immediately releasing an official response, there was a tendency to judge with a long breath, considering the overall circumstances such as the background of the North's withdrawal and the reaction of neighboring countries. It seems to be strong.


Then, did anything come from related ministries such as the Ministry of Unification or the Ministry of National Defense?

<Reporter> The

Ministry of Unification first declared "careful response." Listen to it.

[Speech Minister/Ministry of Unification: (North Korea report) We are closely and carefully reviewing the situation, and we will monitor the situation. The government's basic stance that the agreement between the two Koreas should be kept is unchanged... .]

Defense Minister Chung Kyung-du said at the National Assembly, "I will reliably manage to prevent military tensions from rising."

He also stressed that North Korea should withdraw its military action plans, not withhold them.


Tomorrow is the end of the 6.25 70th anniversary, but if the atmosphere in North Korea really changed, could President Moon Jae-in's message come to North Korea separately?


President Moon Jae-in has been sending messages to North Korea to solve inter-Korean problems through dialogue and cooperation.

As Kim Jong-un, who is leading the defamation of South Korea and headed by Kim Jong-un for the first time, issued a pending order, I am interested in whether President Moon will issue a separate message to Kim in the 70th anniversary of the Korean War tomorrow.

Here is also the variable of succession to the Minister of Unification.

Lim Jong-seok, former secretary-general of the Blue House, and Democratic Party In-young Lee of the Democratic Party are on the way to Hama-pyeong.

(Video coverage: Cho Jung-young and Shin Dong-hwan, video editing: Choi Jin-hwa)