• Bullying on classmate, two minors arrested in Perugia
  • Cyberbullying, Sondrio teacher reports: insulted by underage students
  • Bullying. Chat against 12 year old titled 'We hate you', 7 peers in trouble


June 23, 2020 "... I eat and I don't put on weight ..., you can't afford this" "... I make you cry blood ...", or "be careful of the things you say because then I beat you and your mom ... "" careful that you die before me, you are kidding with fire you don't know what I am capable of ".

They are some excerpts from the messages sent on social media to a 12-year-old girl from Naples.

Her" fault "is that to have a few extra pounds. A pressure that ultimately did not stand up and ended up in hospital for a syncope.

The alleged bullies, whom she considered "friends", are two 14-year-olds.

The two would not have been limited to the girl but would have threatened also the mother, who had defended her daughter by addressing one of the parents of the two young men.

A gesture that has received only other threats as an answer "Be careful that we are organizing a death (beating, ed) ... the more you continue the more we beat her ...". Then the violent remark: "... shows a little affection for your daughter ... ".

The woman turned to the Carabinieri and the chat conversation was attached to the documents handed over to the military by her lawyer.