China News Service, June 22, according to the China-Greek Times, "The Best Destination in Europe" is a tourism website created to promote the development of European culture and tourism. Not long ago, the site selected two tourist destinations in Greece, Corfu and Previsa, as one of the safest tourist destinations this summer.

On May 18th, local time, Athens, Greece, the Acropolis was opened to the public to attract tourists to visit. On that day, Greek open-air archaeological sites and various theme parks resumed opening from that day.

  The tourism website claims that Greece is one of the European countries least affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, with a high tourism safety factor.

  The famous "Lonely Planet" travel website also reprinted related articles, adding that "Greece's medical system has never been overloaded during the epidemic, and Greece has more beds per capita than many European countries."

  The selected Corfu Island has been repeatedly selected as the best tourist destination by major travel magazines and websites. The "Best Destination in Europe" website praised: "If you want to have a holiday that combines relaxation, sunshine and nature, Corfu is the place to go."

  If it is a family trip, Previsa is a good choice. The travel website stated that Previsa “has all the elements of a safe destination” and that the area “has 3 hospitals (including a university hospital) in the surrounding area and is only a 10-minute drive from Aktin Airport”.

  On June 13, local time, Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis announced during his visit to Santorini that in the summer of 2020, Greece will give priority to health and safety and sincerely invite tourists from all over the world.

  Mizotakis said that Greece is ready to greet tourists, measures to ensure that tourists maintain proper social distances are in place, and the safety and health of tourists "is our top priority." (Zhang Wei)