Political crisis in Mali: supporters of President IBK organize

Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta (illustration). REUTERS / Michele Tantussi

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In Mali, at least 4 of the 9 members of the Constitutional Court resigned last week. The institution is considered to be the detonator of the political crisis, born of the contestation of the results of the last legislative elections. A protest movement gathered around Imam Mahmoud Dicko is still demanding the departure of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta. But supporters of the latter are also organizing. Gathered within a platform called "Convergence of the Republican Forces" (CFR) they recalled yesterday Sunday during a meeting, their support for the institutions of the Republic.


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With our correspondent in Bamako, Serge Daniel

Composed of parties, political associations and civil society organizations, the Convergence of the Republican Forces (CFR) platform reaffirmed this Sunday, June 21, its determination to support the institutions of the Republic, starting with the Malian president, including the opposition demands resignation.

We are fighting for republican principles, so we defend the institutions of the Republic, the first of which is the President of the Republic, assures usFatoumata Sako, assistant coordinator of the CFR . Boubacar Keïta was democratically elected and this without any ambiguity  ”.

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The platform, rather close to the presidential majority, still recognizes that a political crisis has taken hold. And to resolve it, it encourages dialogue. “  The only possible way out of the current crisis is that of dialogue. We had no choice but to dialogue,   ”says Fatoumata Sako.

This week in Mali is crucial. The fate of the Constitutional Court and the National Assembly, challenged by opponents, is under discussion. And according to our information, three heads of state of the sub-region plan to come to Mali to help find a solution to the crisis.

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