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Saudi Arabia has just announced its final decision on the great annual pilgrimage to Mecca, to be held in late July. In a historic resolution, marked by Covid-19, pilgrims arriving from abroad - 2.5 million last year - will not be allowed and it will be an internal pilgrimage and very limited in numbers, carried out by residents of different nationals who they live in the country.

The pandemic claims its latest victim. The 'hajj', the annual pilgrimage to Mecca that every acolyte of Muhammad must make at least once in his life, will not gather the crowds of rigor this year. Late on Monday, Saudi Arabia has ended weeks of intrigue and deliberation. The kingdom will celebrate a "very limited" and historical pilgrimage at the end of July , only suitable for a select group of believers of various nationalities residing in the country.

"In light of the continuation of the pandemic and the risks of the spread of the coronavirus in crowded spaces and large gatherings, its transmission between countries and the increase in cases globally, it has been decided that this year's 'hajj' (the Hijira 1441 or 2020) will be celebrated with a very limited number of pilgrims of various nationalities already residing in Saudi Arabia, "has detailed the ministry of 'hajj' and 'umrah' -the" small "pilgrimage to places Saints of Islam- in an expected statement.

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