Excavations will be carried out from Monday in two houses in the Ardennes where Michel Fourniret could have kidnapped Estelle Mouzin, who disappeared 17 years ago. The serial killer admitted in March that he had kidnapped the girl. 

Will the Estelle Mouzin affair soon be clarified, 17 years after the facts? Michel Fourniret was indicted last March after admitting to having abducted and kidnapped the girl, 9 years old at the time of the events. But he remained silent on the location of his body. Excavations will take place from Monday, in two houses in the Ardennes where he could have kidnapped his victim.  

Several hours of excavation

The police will conduct their research at the Sautou castle, where the serial killer lived with his wife, Monique Olivier, but also in a house in Ville-sur-Lum, which belonged to his sister. The investigators are convinced that "the Ogre of the Ardennes" sequestrated the little girl there for at least a few days. They also found a sales receipt proving that he had been shopping nearby two days after the kidnapping.

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In another file, Michel Fourniret had buried his victims by three meters deep using a backhoe. It had taken hours of excavation to find them. According to information from Europe 1, Estelle Mouzin's father and his lawyers are almost "certain" that this research will succeed.