62% NHK public opinion survey June 23, 4:42

Asked in an NHK poll, "Do you think it is necessary to change the law so that governments and local governments can ban people from going out and enforce leave to prevent the spread of infectious diseases?" 62% of the respondents answered, and more than 27% of the respondents answered "not necessary".

From the 19th of this month, NHK will conduct a public opinion survey for three days starting from this month with a method called "RDD", which is used to make calls to fixed and mobile phone numbers randomly generated by computer targeting 18 years old and over. 2202 people were included in the survey, and 1270 people (58%) obtained responses.

When asked about how to use 100,000 yen that will be uniformly paid to the people for the new coronavirus measures, I asked 5 options,
▽ "Use for living expenses" is 52%,
▽ "Use other than living expenses" 28%,
▽ "Save money" was 12%,
▽ "Donate" was 3%,
▽ "Don't receive" was 0%.

When asked if they needed to revise laws that would allow governments and local governments to ban people from going out and force them to take leave, to prevent the spread of infectious diseases
62% said "yes", ▽ “Not required” was 27%.

Regarding admission in September, the government will postpone introduction from this year and next year, but will continue to consider it as a long-term issue. When asked about the approval or disapproval of introducing September admission in the future,
▽ "yes" was 51% and
▽ "opposite" was 32%.