China News Service, June 21, comprehensive foreign media reported that on the evening of June 20 local time, US President Trump's highly-regarded election rally ended in Oklahoma. This rally is Trump's first major campaign rally since the spread of the new crown epidemic in the United States.

  During the rally, Trump gave a speech for about 1 hour and 40 minutes, which involved many topics. He praised the people who attended the rally as "warriors", and pointed out that the new crown virus detection is a "double-edged sword", and has urged officials to "slow down the detection speed" because the more tests, the more confirmed cases.

Data Picture: The picture shows US President Trump holding a protective mask in his hand.

Two thirds of the people were present

Trump praises "Warriors"

  At 7:12 pm local time on the 20th, Trump returned to the campaign rally stage at the "Oklahoma Bank Center (BOK)" in downtown Tulsa.

  On the same day, the attendance rate of the venue was only about two-thirds. The low-level platform of the venue was full of people, but the entire upper level could see empty seats. Originally, Trump planned to speak to supporters outdoors before the rally, but it was temporarily cancelled without explaining the reason. Foreign media said that the supporters outside the stadium were sparse and there was no expected event.

  The Associated Press said, "For a politician who values ​​the number of rallies, this state of affairs is undoubtedly a surprising and disappointing change."

  According to reports, the vast majority of people who attended the rally that day did not follow the guidance of medical experts and did not wear masks. Trump did not wear a mask, and praised the participants as "warriors."

  Before the start of the campaign rally, Trump campaign team official Motaff said that six venue staff had a positive virus test. Motaff said that these six people will not participate in the election rally, nor will they contact the people and important officials. At the same time, according to data from the Oklahoma Department of Health, as of the afternoon of the 20th, Tulsa County reported the most cases of new crowns, with a total of 2206 cases.

Data Map: On June 19th local time, residents of San Mateo County, California, USA dine in a restaurant. China News Service reporter Liu Guanguan

On the detection of new coronavirus

Trump wants to "slow down"?

  In his speech, Trump called the new crown virus detection a "double-edged sword" and said he told government officials to "slow down the detection speed" because the increase in detection will lead to an increase in confirmed cases of the new crown.

  "When you detect that level, you will need to find more people (for testing), and you will find more cases." Trump said at the rally, so I said to the officials, "Please put "Slow detection speed", "They have been testing, (but) our testing makes people do not know what happened."

  However, after Trump made the above remarks at the rally, a government official said that the president was "clearly joking."

  The official said, "He is obviously joking. We are the world leader in testing, and have conducted more than 25 million (new coronavirus) tests."

Data Map: On June 1, local time, New Yorkers marched on the streets of Manhattan to protest police violent law enforcement. China News Agency reporter Liao Panshe

On the destruction of many American statues

Trump again "dumps the pot" campaign opponent

  At the same time as the Trump campaign rally was held, a large number of demonstrators gathered in the center of Tulsa, according to news released by the Tulsa Police Department on a social networking site.

  During the rally, Trump also criticized the protesters outside the campaign rally and tried to destroy the monuments and statues across the United States and link them with the Democratic Party, including the Democratic presidential candidate Biden. He criticized Biden for "keeping silent" about these "barbaric" acts.

  Recently, African-American Freud was "kneeled down" by white policemen on the street, inspiring the American people to protest against racial discrimination and police abuse. In the ongoing demonstrations throughout the United States, many city statues were destroyed.