Invited Sunday of the "Grand Rendez-vous" on Europe 1, Pierre Moscovici returned to the diversity within the great bodies of the State. He recognizes a lack and "will ensure that diversity is promoted" during his presidency at the Court of Auditors. 


Is there a lack of diversity within the large bodies of the State? "Completely!" answers Pierre Moscovici. Guest of the  Grand Rendez-vous on Europe 1, the first president of the Court of Auditors denounced the fact that the diversity of French society is not represented in positions of responsibility in high institutions. He assures him: during his presidency, he will "ensure that diversity is promoted". "It is true that there has never been a man or a woman from a diversity who became president of the chamber at the Court of Auditors".

"I wish we had a rebalancing"

Pierre Moscovici regrets that the upper echelons of the state "are still very insufficiently feminized". "The situation has improved since 1984, when there were only two women", he recalls, estimating that there are now "25 to 30% of women at the Court of Auditors, which reflects the exits from the ENA ". "I hope we have a rebalancing", saying that he will ensure that parity is respected during his mandate. "The responsibilities that can be given to women must be very important"

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"It must also manifest itself in recruitments"

"We can not do it all at once, warns Pierre Moscovici, but I see that in the young generations, there is a quasi-partie, and it is much better", he congratulates himself. On parity or ethnic diversity, Pierre Moscovici explains that "it must also manifest itself in recruitments". "I warned the Court of Auditors that I would be very careful," he concludes.