China News Service, Washington, June 19 (Reporter Chen Mengtong) US Navy Operations Secretary Mike Gilday said at the Pentagon on the 19th that Brett K., the former captain of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, was dismissed due to the notification of the new crown epidemic. Luo Ze will not be reinstated.

  Gilday notified the decision at the press conference held at the Pentagon that day. He said Klose will not be reappointed, nor will he be qualified to become a future commander. The Navy has another appointment.

  The "Roosevelt" aircraft carrier discovered the epidemic on March 24 and had to stop at Guam for isolation and quarantine. Crozet was dismissed for sending a letter to the senior navy for help in response to the epidemic, but he was supported by the ship’s crew and public opinion. A few days later, Thomas Modley, then acting US Navy Secretary, resigned under pressure from all parties. The US Navy subsequently launched an investigation into the incident.

  Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman issued a statement on the evening of the 18th, saying that Secretary of the Navy Kenneth Breswitt informed the Secretary of Defense Esper of the completed investigation. He believed that the investigation was “complete and fair and supported the Navy’s investigation-based The decision made as a result."

Data Map: The aircraft carrier Roosevelt anchored at the Guam Naval Base.

  The US Navy also decided to suspend the promotion of Rear Admiral Stuart Baker. He was the commander of the "Roosevelt" carrier battle group and was also on board when the outbreak occurred.

  Gilday pointed out that Baker and Croze had made "serious mistakes" in their judgments and failed to contain the epidemic on the ship in a timely and sufficient manner, causing the "Roosevelt" aircraft carrier to be stranded in Guam for 10 weeks.

  According to data previously reported by the US Navy, there were a total of 4,865 crew members on the "Roosevelt", and the results of the full crew testing completed at the end of April showed that a total of 1,102 people were infected and one died.

  Gilday emphasized that Croze was not dismissed because he leaked an email asking for help. The email was "not necessary". At that time, relevant parties were already taking action to prepare the "Roosevelt" to dock in Guam and evacuate the crew. In addition, Croze's treatment of infected crew members also placed other crew members at higher risk. (Finish)