Collective infection of U.S. Navy nuclear aircraft carrier The previous commander of dismissal did not take appropriate measures 10:03 on June 20

Regarding the outbreak of the new coronavirus that occurred in the U.S. Navy's nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the Navy's previous captain did not take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the virus, which led to the spread of the infection Announced.

The US Navy's nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, Theodore Roosevelt, is sailing in the Pacific Ocean, and in March, a new coronavirus outbreak occurred, affecting more than 1,200 crew members and killing one of them. Besides, in Guam, I was forced to quarantine the infected person and disinfect the ship, and I was forced to virtually cease activity for about two months.

Regarding the outbreak of aircraft carriers, the US Navy announced a press conference on the 19th and announced the findings of the military.

According to it, the Colonel Closure, who was dismissed as the captain of the aircraft carrier due to information leakage in March, did not allow the crew to keep a sufficient distance from each other, and it was delayed to remove it from the ship to prevent the spread of the virus. The failure to take appropriate measures has led to the spread of the infection.

``We are not fulfilling our duty to keep the crew's safety and health and the aircraft carrier operational,'' said the Navy's Operations Director Gilday, who did not allow Colonel Closure to reinstate his captain and will continue to command him in the future. I showed you the policy that you can not get in the post.

In response to this situation, the United States Navy is pursuing infection prevention measures to avoid the effect on the operation of troops, such as inspecting all crew members and self-isolation for a certain period before the ship is deployed.