At 2:00 am Swedish time, Trump's big campaign meeting begins in Tulsa, Oklahoma where around 20,000 supporters have bought tickets to hear the president speak.

Outside the arena of the Book Center where the event is being held, it has now begun to gather Trump-critical counter-protesters calling out "black lives matters".

- For the first time today, there is a little tense mood. Behind me there have been gathering counter-protesters demonstrating just outside the arena. There are a number of Trump supporters outside as well and they have a somewhat hectic discussion. Otherwise it has been a very quiet day, there have been a lot of people, says Fouad Youcefi, SVT's reporter on the spot. 

There is also a large police presence on the site, among other things standing police outside the arena blocking the entrance.

Has been the police intervention

- Most of the cops here have been very nice. They are also intertwined. It's a historic time in the United States, no police officer wants to take a step too much and ruin his career or ruin his family. But at the same time, none of the protesters want to end up like George Floyd.

According to Fouad Youcefi, there have been a number of police interventions during the day, including when a woman tried to strike outside the arena.

- The woman is named Sheila Buck, lives here in Tulsa and does not belong to a special group. She sat down with a t-shirt that read "I can't breath" - George Floyd's last words before he died.

- There were dramatic scenes. She was taken away by the police, I do not know if she was arrested or just taken a table.

At the same time, there have been demonstrations in other parts of Tulsa where participants have said they want to stay away from Donald Trump's events.

- "Juneteenth" was celebrated yesterday, a celebration of the end of slavery. There are such events going on in other places but they have said they want to stay away. We hope that it will not be the way we have seen before in other places in the US with violent situations.