▲ A dog found in Thailand in a waterway, the owner's body

Local media reported that the dog's body was found in Thailand by a dog.

According to online media, Nation, etc., a man from central Bangkok Province, Samut Songkhram, left home early in the morning saying he would pick banana leaves, but he did not return home late.

The family looked around the neighborhood, but couldn't find the man.

The man's brother-in-law said, "I tried to find my brother, but I could not know where he was."

Eventually, in the evening, the family went on a search with the dog the man had brought.

The dog, who followed the man's daughter, ran to the waterway, and soon the family found the body of a man in the waterway.

Police suspect that the man slipped off the waterway and died because he had no signs of injury or fights, and are investigating the exact cause of death.

(Photo = Nation Capture, Yonhap News)