Lee Do-hoon, the head of the Korean Peninsula Peace and Negotiation Headquarters, who visited the United States, went on his way home without answering all the questions from the interviewers, including future countermeasures.

Lee visited Washington, DC on the 17th, when inter-Korean relations froze rapidly as North Korea strengthened its offensive against South Korea.

After heading home from Dulles International Airport near Washington, DC, Lee didn't answer anything, saying "I'm sorry" for various questions from reporters, such as future countermeasures and resumption of the ROK-US joint training.

During this visit, Lee was known to have contacted US personnel, including his counterpart, Stephen Deputy Secretary of State and Special Representative for North Korea.

Although Lee's visit to the United States is not known in detail, it appears that North Korea's intention to press against South Korea, as well as to evaluate the situation on the Korean Peninsula with the US and share its perceptions of the situation.

In addition, as the tensions on the Korean Peninsula have risen more than ever due to North Korea's recent bombing of the inter-Korean joint office in Kaesong, it has been reported that North Korea's cooperation and countermeasures against North Korea have been discussed to prevent further deterioration.

It is noteworthy that South Korea has been showing a desire to improve inter-Korean relations through the resumption of inter-Korean cooperation amid the stalled negotiations on North Korea's denuclearization negotiations this year.

Lee's visit to Washington has been about five months since January.

As Lee was conscious of the sensitive situation of the Korean Peninsula, he had avoided exposure to external movements more than ever before, and kept the schedule private.