Xinhua News Agency, Beirut, June 19 : Newsletter: "Learn from UNIFIL's best demining force"-A certain UNIFIL officer visited the minefield of Chinese demining officers and soldiers

  Sun Shuai

  "The mine clearance mission is dangerous, boring, and hard, but your mission is almost perfect, and we are very honored to learn from the UNIFIL’s best demining force." On the 18th, a department of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) Some officers and soldiers said this when communicating with Chinese peacekeeping troops mine clearance officers and soldiers.

  On the same day, 17 French peacekeeping officers and men of the Ministry's detonation team made a special trip to the mine-clearing operations minefield near the "Blue Line" between the Lebanese and Israeli borders and exchanged views with their Chinese counterparts.

  After the French officers and men arrived at the minefield, Zheng Hongliang, the demining supervisor of the Chinese peacekeeping force, briefed them on the basic conditions of the minefield, the standard operating procedures for mine clearance, and the progress of mine clearance. Subsequently, they put on protective clothing and walked into the minefield to observe the current mine clearance operations.

  "Before entering the minefield every day, we must debug the mine detector in the metal detection frame, please see the demonstration." At the entrance of the operation channel, two Chinese mine-clearing operators demonstrate the step-by-step procedure of the mine detector commissioned by the standard operating procedures. Method, and introduce each action in detail. French officers and soldiers watched carefully and praised their Chinese counterparts for being rigorous and meticulous.

  Following the guidance of Zheng Hongliang, French officers and soldiers entered the operation channel and watched demonstrations on the opening of new channels, signal source detection, vegetation removal, tripwire processing, and comprehensive excavation.

  "Can I try your mine detectors?" Captain Rafael, the leader of the detonation team, took over the mine detectors in the hands of a Chinese mine-clearing operator after receiving permission to drill the analog calibration signal source in the operation channel.

  Out of the minefield, the Chinese peacekeeping force detonation team showed French officers and men equipment such as detonation robots, aerial bomb locators, frequency jammers, and water guns. Qing Shenghe, the leader of the Chinese Explosive Emissions Group, introduced that these equipment are mainly used for explosives investigation, transfer, disposal, etc. In May 2019, the 18th batch of China’s 18th batch of multi-functional engineer units went to Levi and put into use. The destruction of unexploded ordnance plays an important role.

  The French officers and soldiers stopped in front of the detonation robot. The Chinese detonation operator manipulated the operation box to complete the survey and transfer of simulated explosives quickly and smoothly, winning a round of applause from the French officers and soldiers.

  "We have different equipment, but they have similar functions and functions to your equipment. You are welcome to visit and exchange in our camp, which is very helpful for both parties to jointly improve the technical level and work together to complete various UNIFIL peacekeeping missions." Lafayette Said.