The Holy See adheres to the Kigali Protocol which protects the ozone layer

"Laudato si '" the encyclical letter of Pope Francis "on the safeguard of the common house". REUTERS / Max Rossi

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Five years ago, the Laudato si '(Praised be you) encyclical by Pope Francis was published, a text on integral ecology where the sovereign pontiff evoked protection of nature and also argued for respect for human dignity in its economic and social dimensions. A text which has had a wide echo, far beyond the Catholic sphere. This Thursday, June 18, the Holy See again invited to “ecological conversion” and announced its adhesion to the Kigali amendment to the Montreal protocol which comes to protect the ozone layer.


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From our Vatican correspondent, Eric Sénanque

Usually rather rare in front of the journalists, Mgr Paul Gallagher, the head of the Vatican diplomacy took place in the press room of the Holy See to make this concrete announcement in matters of ecology, five years after the publication of the encyclical Laudato Si by Pope Francis:  "  I am happy to announce the imminent accession of the Holy See to the Kigali amendment to the Montreal Protocol, an instrument put in place to fight both the hole in the layer of ozone, only to face climate change, an instrument that goes in the direction desired by the Holy Father  ”.

By joining this agreement, already signed by around sixty countries, the Holy See wants to show its determination on questions of sustainable development. One way of ensuring had explained Pope Francis his “  moral support  ” to all the States committed to protecting the environment.

In his ecological encyclical, the Argentinian pope speaks in fact of the tools at the service of a healthier and more just world and the Kigali protocol is one of its concretizations. "  Everything is linked  ", wanted to remind this Thursday, June 18, Vatican officials: the ecological crisis but also health, economic and social.

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