South Korea Japan's export control lawsuit filed with the WTO June 18, 19:11

The Korean government is a court against the WTO = World Trade Organization, saying that measures to tighten export control of three items such as semiconductor raw materials for South Korea from July last year violate international trade rules. I filed a lawsuit seeking the establishment of a subcommittee.

This is what the Korean Ministry of Industry, Trade and Industry revealed on the NHK interview on the 18th.

Last November, the Korean government maintained the Japan-Korea Military Information Comprehensive Protection Agreement (GSOMIA) and filed a complaint with the WTO in order to advance discussions with the Japanese government that the Korean side's trade control system was inadequate. Has been tentatively suspended.

However, within the Moon Jae-in administration's administration, who complained that there was no success even after half a year, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Industry of Korea took the necessary measures to strengthen the trade control system. Nevertheless, by the end of last month, the Japanese government insisted that it "had not shown its willingness to solve the problem," and stated on the 2nd of this month that it would resume the procedure for filing a lawsuit with the WTO.