China News Service, June 18, according to the United States, "World Daily" reported that since New York has "avoided the epidemic at home", many businesses have also chosen to stop business. In March, Chinatown insisted on only a few dozen businesses, but now After entering the first stage and restarting, although the merchants that resumed business returned to one hundred, but the passenger flow is still obviously insufficient, and the take-out business is not enough to support the survival of the merchants. Chinatown Business Improvement District (Chinatown BID) said that New York City's summer "safe streets" offer free outdoor dining plans, be sure to actively apply.

  According to the statistics of Shangjiu District, there were 117 restaurants operating in March, but only 39 were still open after April. It is now two weeks since New York City entered the first phase of restart. As of June 16, local time data shows that 175 companies have resumed operations, but most of them still say that online orders alone cannot support normal operations.

  Chen Zuozhou, administrative director of Chinatown Commercial Improvement District, said that according to the occupancy rate of public transportation, the city’s population mobility is still at a low point, and the “safe street” plan for the city government is to implement An important step in adjusting the business model after the epidemic.

  "Taking the example of Little Italy, their outdoor dining culture has driven a lot of passengers, especially in summer." Chen Zuozhou said that the city government now provides free outdoor dining venues and dining tables and chairs to Chinese businessmen. The plan It is expected to be implemented by the end of this month, and the district has also been continuously pushing merchants to apply.

  Chen Zuozhou pointed out that through this plan, small businesses can be provided with more space to reduce the difficulties caused by the operational challenges and indoor space restrictions they face during the special period of the epidemic; "Summer is an important period for business recovery," he said. No one can predict when the epidemic will be completely controlled, but what is certain is that if the summer tide is missed, the business will be sluggish after entering the autumn and winter. (Zhang Chen)