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Fernando Tejero's (53) war against the Treasury goes back a long way. Since the summer of 2010, when his finances were subjected to an inspection that concluded that the actor had been taxed through a partnership between 2005 and 2007 to pay less taxes.

The company was Lázaro Producciones and, as many well-known faces, many times advised, Tejero, instead of paying around 50% in personal income tax on their income, paid 25% by doing it through this company.

But, according to the Treasury, Lázaro Producciones had no more activity than that of the actor and understood that it served only as a device to pay less to the public treasury and required Tejero to pay 150,871.43 for corporation tax from 2005 to 2007.

The protagonist of La que se avecina appealed (like his partner in the series, José Luis Gil) and in 2018 the judges agreed with the Treasury.

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The Cordovan actor not only appealed again in court but also assured in the media that there was a campaign against him by Montoro (former Minister of Finance) for his position on certain issues. "I am completely convinced that they went to burst me more than they have burst me," he told Susanna Griso in an interview in 2016.

Now, and according to El Confidencial, the Justice dismissed his last appeal last March and sentenced in favor of the Treasury. Furthermore, this sentence indicates not only that the actor did not pay what was due to him, but also that his insistence on resorting to the tribals has caused "an unnecessary lawsuit."

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