American police are applauding for saving everyone from a man who tried to make an extreme choice as a hostage for a two-year-old twin daughter.

Foreign media, including CBS in the United States, reported on Saturday that the US San Diego police, Jonathan Weez, saved three families who had fallen into the sea under a cliff while in a car.

Wiz, who had taken office on the early morning of the 13th, received urgent requests from police colleagues. A gun-armed man was threatening the police with his twin daughters on a truck and saying, "I'm going to drown together."
As soon as Mr. Wiz arrived at the scene, the three-person truck quickly ran and fell down a 9m high cliff. The astonished Mr. Weez shouted to his colleagues, "Oh my God, please tell me the children aren't in there. Please tell me the children got out of the car."

In response, Mr. Wiz said he would save children and men. I didn't have the proper relief supplies, but I remembered that my car had a 30m dog collar. Mr. Wizz jumped down the cliff with his neckline tied and a large backpack.
As I went down, the man was struggling not to fall into the water with his two daughters in her arms. One child was alert and crying, but the other was unconscious. Mr. Wizz succeeded in rescuing all three people to climb onto a nearby rock, and first gave first aid to an unconscious child and then carried it to a backpack tied with a leash.
In a media interview later, Mr. Wiz said that his family was the reason for his courage to respond quickly. He said, "I am also a father with a daughter who is two years old. I was forced to go to the rescue immediately after thinking what it would have been like for my wife and children to fall down the cliff."

Both male and twin daughters are said to have recovered health. Police say they arrested a man who put their children's lives at risk for kidnapping and attempted murder.

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(Photo ='gofundme' website capture,'CBS 8 San Diego' YouTube)