During a televised debate on Wednesday evening, the LREM and LR candidates, Agnès Buzyn and Rachida Dati, first opposed before tackling their socialist and election favorite opponent, Anne Hidalgo.

Rachida Dati (LR) and Agnès Buzyn (LREM) clashed strongly on Wednesday around Marine Le Pen's call to choose the LR candidate in Paris. They then agreed to criticize the outgoing PS mayor, and big favorite in the second round of municipal elections in the capital, Anne Hidalgo. 

Dati accuses Buzyn of a "serious attack"

The candidate LREM, who had accused the reelected mayor of the 7th arrondissement of having "reconciled" Jean-Marie and Marine Le Pen around his program, maintained his remarks, and reproached Ms. Dati for having supported Sens commun (opposed to "marriage for all") or to have made "unspeakable words" about the migrants, during a first debate before the second round on Franceinfo, France 3 and France Bleu Ile-de-France. The RN president had affirmed on June 10 that if she was a voter in Paris, she would vote in the municipal elections for Rachida Dati against Anne Hidalgo, "the worst mayor that can exist".

" Agnes Buzyn's values ​​is to lie to the French "

"It is a serious attack on my honor and what I am," replied Rachida Dati, referring to the period when she "worked with Simone Veil". "A little decency," interrupted Ms. Buzyn, "you are obliged to quote a French icon to justify yourself". "Agnès Buzyn's values ​​are to lie to the French," replied Rachida Dati. "I think it suits Rachida Dati not to talk about ecology," had also launched Agnès Buzyn earlier. Respondent's response: "A little respect, otherwise we can talk about the coronavirus and the health crisis."

"Facade ecology"

The two candidates nevertheless met to criticize the outgoing mayor for having "concreted" Paris. "You are the mayor who has concreted the most and the environmentalists have swallowed their hats for a few places in an eligible position," said Ms. Dati, referring to the rallying of environmentalists to Anne Hidalgo. "You practice a facade ecology," breathed Agnès Buzyn, criticizing the "giant flowerpots that do not have a policy of revegetation".

"I would have loved that your allies did not oppose a strong measure such as the pedestrianization of the banks of the Seine," retorted Anne Hidalgo, who also praised his record in terms of social housing. "Today, Paris is 80% of the middle and working classes". Anne Hidalgo came out on top in the first round with 29.3% of the vote, ahead of Rachida Dati (22.7%) and Agnès Buzyn (17.3%).