As the coronavirus epidemic loses a little more ground every day in France, employees must gradually give up telework to return to their business. A return to normal not so obvious for many of them.

"The first anxiety is to resume transport. The second is to have to wear a suit." While companies are bringing more and more of their employees back to the site, some come up against refractories. The latter have taken a liking to telework and have no desire to resume their lives before the coronavirus crisis.

In addition to the costume and transport, the return to open space is another source of anxiety for these employees working from home. Pierre, a bank engineer, telecommuted for three months. And now that his company has asked him to come back to the site, two or three days a week, he realizes that he has completely taken a liking to his new way of operating.

60% of teleworkers want to continue their activity at home

"I feel more productive, I move faster on the subjects I have to deal with, I made myself my little cocoon at home", explains the engineer, who is far from being an isolated case. According to a survey, 60% of new teleworkers wish to continue this activity at home on a regular or ad hoc basis.

It is therefore a real challenge for companies to bring these employees back. Benoît Serre, vice-president of the National Association of HRDs, believes that "to bring them back, they must be made to understand that, admittedly, they worked very well during the telework period, but that the company must be reconstituted. "


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Still according to Benoît Serre, "we must multiply the opportunities for people to work together". "It is certain that if they say 'I'm going back to the company to lock myself in an office while I was doing the same thing but at home', the level of motivation is not very high."

Faced with this new situation imposed by the coronavirus health crisis, the social partners and the government are working on new rules to extend telework.