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A few years ago there were still people who believed that a Mecano meeting was possible, and there were even journalists who, jumping head first into the pool, publicly assured that the trio formed in the late 70s by Ana Torroja and the Cano brothers would return to give concerts in Spain. Maybe there would be conversations, some feint, some gesture of goodwill, but in reality that attempt never matured, and the fans were left wanting, waiting for better times.

In any case, today it does not seem that this possibility will occur, since the physical distance - and especially the emotional one - between Ana Torroja and José María Cano, although not so much with Nacho, is increasing: she is He went to live in Mexico, where he spends a good part of his time. Nacho lives in Miami and José María in Malta. The main thing in this story is that, in reality, they no longer have shared interests nor do they urgently need to put the golden egg hen back into circulation.

Perhaps it is Ana Torroja who would have most appreciated a Mecano revival - not long ago she paid off the debt that she had pending with the Treasury, for a total of one and a half million euros - but the key to the matter must be found in José María, who In a recent interview in this same newspaper, he already hinted that the reasons for the end of Mecano would lie in personal disagreements, in some kind of betrayal of trust. The most solid thesis is the one that affirms that Ana and Nacho formed pineapple and began to marginalize José María's work, thus breaking the symmetry that existed before in the trio. So this one went with the music - and his paintings - elsewhere, specifically to London.

Nacho Cano, Ana Torroja and José María Cano, in their last photo together in public, in 2005.

In the artistic aspect, it is evident that Ana Torroja has not enjoyed the same level of success that she achieved with Mecano since she made the solo jump. He has published albums, and has kept his fame intact - to the point that, last year, he participated as a jury in Operación Triunfo, replacing Mónica Naranjo, although he was not in all the programs for "professional commitments"; the controversy of the mariconez, coincidentally, caught him out-, but what he has not had are thunderous hits that make the public alienate with happiness.

In fact, when he undertakes a tour -like the one he had projected before the pandemic, Volver , and which will resume in 2021-, what he does is sing songs of his own and of Mecano's repertoire, also presenting himself as the only authorized voice to do so, in line with what Paul McCartney does in his concerts, when he plays songs by The Beatles assuming that he is the only person with the power and authority to do so.

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Like everyone else, Ana Torroja was also overwhelmed by global confinement, just when she was making plans for a great comeback, with a more modern album and with top-tier Spanish producers, and that will have to wait. In the end, he had to settle for publishing a diary of his imprisonment via Instagram, also sharing training videos, solidarity support for doctors and health personnel, circulating motivational hashtags and remembering some beautiful moments of his long professional life.

Regarding this aspect, we should not be afraid to say that Ana Torroja is our Cher, or our Tina Turner, a strong woman with a long career who enjoyed extraordinary success in her early days and who has managed to maintain, reinvent, claim, and manage a different kind of success. Which is not the same, but which is similar. In addition, you can do it with the tranquility of having settled your debts with the treasury, fully recovered from that traffic accident that you suffered in 2008 and that could have been worse than it was, and with the family nucleus intact. She continues with her usual partner, producer Javier Duque, and their daughter in common, Jara, who has already entered adolescence. It is still a delicate age, but surely it also leaves you much more free time

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