The first all Swedish football matches for the season are played. That includes Varberg's first all-Swedish football match ever - a match that could not have ended better for the newcomers.

It was during Monday Varberg was received at Helsingborg's Olympia arena.
Varberg created history when, during last season, they took the step up from the superetta to the All Swede. Although the team is bottom tipped, they made history again during their all-Swedish debut.

The road to first place

Three goals against zero gave Varberg the victory. All Allsvenska teams have played a match, some have won and some have lost, but when Varberg has scored most goals they are lifted to a first place in the table.

Varberg's Astrit Selmani became a hero after two goals and one assist.

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What do the taverns think of being one in the Swedish table at the moment? Click on the clip to hear.