The accused men are between 25 and 37 years old. All are charged with aggravated theft and suspected of breaking into two different holiday homes.

Must have stolen weapons and jewelry

At the first burglary, three of the men must have stolen a saber, a jack, jewelry and two weapons. At the second burglary, two of them must have taken a firearm that contained an airgun and ammunition as well as a gunshot.

Both burglaries should have occurred in early January last year at two different locations in the county. All three admit crimes.

Suspected of gun possession

In addition, two of the men are indicted for weapons offenses. A suspect had a gun, a shotgun and a bullet. He admits possession of the gun, but not the other two weapons. A suspect had a shotgun, something he also admitted to questioning.

20 people suspected of this

The Laxsjö army was discovered after a weapons cabinet exploded in Laxsjö. The police incident report from that day states, among other things: “The first thing you see when you look into the room is a large amount of ammunition scattered on the floor. It is both shotgun and bullet ammunition mixed, in the middle of the ammunition you see a gun of an older model lying ”. The incident report also states that just before the ammunition, a large amount of blood appeared from the person injured in the explosion.

The coat of arms turned out to be stolen and as the police began to investigate, it was discovered what Prosecutor Frida Molander described as "one of the major theft havens in the county". More than 20 people are suspected of being involved in this.