The American "Daily Beast" magazine revealed that Mary Trump, 55, the daughter of President Donald Trump's older brother, Donald Trump, is preparing to publish a new book in which he reveals special secrets about the family, including scandals for the American president and tax fraud.

The magazine's correspondent, Lashlan Cartwright, notes in his report that Mary Trump will publish her book next August or three months before the US presidential election, and is credited with saying that she had previously leaked tax-related documents to assist the American newspaper "New York Times" in a financial investigation. To Trump.

Mary is preparing to raise the president's scandals in her book "Too Much and Never Enough" to be released weeks before the Republican National Convention, in which she talks about how she managed to leak these documents related to President Trump's private taxes.

The magazine adds that the book also explains how Marian Trump Barry - former judge and Trump's older sister - was refusing his presidency of the United States, and that she was in talks with Mary Trump expressing damaging ideas about her brother.

Strained relationships

The report indicates that there has been a tension in the relationship between Mary Trump and her uncle Donald Trump since her father died in 1981 at the age of 42 after a heart attack caused by his alcoholism, leaving behind his son Farid III and his daughter Mary who has a doctorate in clinical psychology.

The magazine quotes sources familiar with the details of the book, saying that it contains shocking and funny stories about Trump.

The magazine's correspondent notes that "The New York Times" had published documents confirming that Donald Trump had received from his parents for decades, money estimated at $ 400 million, part of which was through tax evasion.

He adds that the newspaper cited more than two thousand tax returns, and revealed that Trump was involved in "fraudulent" tax schemes, that he helped his father obtain inappropriate tax cuts worth millions of dollars, and that he contributed to formulating a strategy to reduce the value of his parents ’property by hundreds of millions of dollars On tax returns.

The secret of Mary's father’s death

In her book, Mary Magazine claims that her uncle Donald Trump found her playing a role in her father's death by ignoring and neglecting her when he needed their help, adding that they failed to help her father get away from alcoholism.

The book also reveals that Mary Trump and her brother Farid Trump III objected to the will of Fred Trump the father because he divided most of his wealth among his four grandchildren, and that he failed to give Mary and Farid what would have been their father's inheritance share.

The magazine notes that it was a family case that reached the court that led to the disclosure of a treasure trove of highly secretive and highly sensitive Trump family financial documents, including the tax returns filed by Fred Trump Sr., which two decades later reached the New York Times.

Shock waves

The magazine says it is certain that the book will send shock waves through Washington and the Trump family just months before the elections, and that it will come hot in the wake of the long-awaited John Bolton memoirs.

It is the first time that a member of the Trump family has written down everything and the president has been highly critical of it.

It will also leave the dispute - which is about to spread - its repercussions among the masses during a critical election year, as the president struggles to support his low popularity. The magazine says he expects Mary Trump to release her book next July 28.