• "Middle world", revoked 41 bis for Massimo Carminati
  • Middle world, appeal sentence: 18 years in Buzzi, 14 years in Carminati. There is the mafia association
  • Pg Cassazione: the association between Buzzi and Carminati is mafia
  • Capital Mafia, the sentence: the accusation of mafia association falls, 19 years in Buzzi and 20 in Carminati
  • Mafia Capital, Massimo Carminati speaks: I am an old fascist, I have only one eye but I see it well


June 16, 2020Massimo Carminati, one of the main protagonists of the "Capital Mafia" investigation, will leave Oristano prison today and is free. After three rejections by the Court of Appeal, the request for release from prison for expiry of the terms of pre-trial detention, with the mechanism of chain protests, presented by the lawyers Cesare Placanica and Francesco Tagliaferri, was accepted by the Court of Liberty. Carminati leaves prison after 5 years and 7 months of detention.

"We are satisfied that the technical question that we had asked the Court of Appeal and that protects a principle of civilization has been correctly assessed by the Court of Liberty", says the lawyer Cesare Placanica who together with the lawyer Francesco Tagliaferri defends Carminati. "We have presented three different petitions to the Court of Appeal" said Tagliaferri and added: "The Court of Cassation, with the reasons for the annulment sentence for 'Mafia Capital' has demonstrated the absolute groundlessness of the most serious and imaginative disputes".