Rosanna Kulju has spoken directly about the beauty surgeries she has done for herself. He says he’s full down his throat to be branded a “sliced” miss. He reminds that everyone is allowed to do what they want to their body.

- I'm so tired of it, when people say that you have done so much beauty surgeries. I've been doing breast surgery and tried huulitäytteitä, Kulju huff IS for, and continues:

- There is only one difference here compared to me and many other public figures. I'll tell you openly what I have done. It gives a realistic picture of the young people that tell you that I have put the breasts or huulitäytteitä or whatever. Instead of suddenly my lips just bounced big and my tits grew when I was 25 years old. I think it’s more special if you don’t mention things.

Kuljun has also tested various measures: her under-eyes and cheeks have been filled and her eyebrows raised. Kulju is not planning new beauty surgeries.

- I still go for chemical treatments, ie the most vigorous facials. In addition, I put mesol threads on my face as they polish my skin and sharpen my jaw line. I also point 30-year-old and I do not want wrinkles, because I go to regularly putting my forehead Botox, Kulju list.

Rosanna Kulju speaks openly about her beauty surgeries, as she does not want to create a false image of herself.

Photo: Joonas Salo

When it comes to beauty surgeries, Kulju is tired of equating attending them with having pressure to look.

- I've never had any pressure to look. People often say that if you haven’t had the appearance of pressure, why have you put on your breasts. I don't feel that things are related, Kulju says and continues:

- I was so flea, tiny and skinny that I didn't have breasts, so I went to put them on because I was able to do it for myself. Everyone in my family has big breasts, so I was always left wondering where those breasts left me.

Kulju also talked about his beauty operations last September in his podcast called Grl Gang. Kulju said at the time that he would be asked at regular intervals about the measures taken against him.

In the episode, Kulju also recalled his own first beauty operation. We lived in 2010 and she had finally gotten enough money to save for breast augmentation surgery. The operation at that time cost SEK 48,000, or about EUR 5,000.

- I had been thinking about breast implants for a long time. All my relatives had decent breasts except me. I did a lot of work to save money, Kulju recalled.

Kulju does not plan to go for new beauty surgeries.

Photo: Joonas Salo

He was living in Haparanda at the time and the operation was performed in a private clinic in Sweden. The intention was to get breasts larger than two cup sizes. However, the end result was not quite what he expected.

- When I looked in the mirror I was quite that help, what a miracle. As to whether I had actually paid SEK 48,000 of these, Kulju repeated the events of almost ten years ago in his podcast.

- They weren't at all what I thought. I was quite shocked.

The course eventually ended up going for a chest operation again the very next year. At that time, the surgery was successful.

At the time, Kulju also said he regretted one of his operations over the others.

- Lip fillings are such a thing. At one point, everything filled my lips, it was that kind of drug of the moment. I think thank god it's over.

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