Drizzle in Hangzhou City in March

  April Moon Yat, greenery

  Riverside in May Fen, sparkling

  June Helan Mountain, camel ringing

  Zhejiang, Shaanxi and Jinning, month after month

  Mountains and rivers wind and rain, year after year

  Go far and ask deeply

  See carefully, speak truthfully

  Gaze at each stop

  Are full of love for this land

  Every time you climb up

  Are full of affection for the people of the motherland

The eyes of General Secretary Xi Jinping

  Always pay attention to the magnificent Yangtze River

  From "Major Regional Development Strategy"

  To "Major Strategy Relating to the Overall State Development"

  From "push" to "deep push"

  General Secretary Draws Blueprint for Development of Yangtze River Economic Belt

  Yangtze River Economic Belt Construction

  Guided by new development concepts

  Put the restoration of the ecological environment of the Yangtze River in an overwhelming position

Unswervingly grasp the protection and development

  Ecological priority, green development

If there is no technological breakthrough and support

  People face the vast ocean

  Can only "look at the ocean and sigh"

  Powerful maritime nation

  Is the belief that Xi Jinping has always had

  Fading away from the sea, rising from the sea

  If you cannot control the sea, you must control the sea

  Must go further

  Care for the ocean, understand the ocean, and manage the ocean

  Speed ​​up the pace of innovation in marine science and technology

Talk about Dao Shu, talk about agriculture and mulberry, ask people's feelings, talk about development

  "Son of the Yellow Earth" Xi Jinping

  Full of affection for land and farmers

  Jiahe Jiahe, Jinying Ikura

  Grain and agriculture are stable, heyday and peace

  Emphasizing agriculture and solidifying the foundation is the foundation of the people and the essential of running the country

Agriculture cannot be ignored at any time

Don’t forget farmers, don’t ignore the countryside

Don't avoid the road

  Cross the hills, step into the grasslands, and go through the sand

  Look at the mountains, forests, lakes and grass

  Construction of ecological civilization

  In Xi Jinping's mind


  Galloping horse

  Ecological protection should continue to climb the slope

  Achieve high-quality development

Green water and green mountains can become Jinshan Yinshan

Built in Jiayuguan more than 600 years ago

  Condenses the Chinese nation's unremitting struggle spirit

  And a tenacious patriotic force

  Today's world

  When people mention China, they think of the Great Wall

  When you mention the Chinese civilization, you will also think of the Great Wall

  Great Wall, Yangtze River, Yellow River, etc.

  Are important symbols of the Chinese nation

  Is an important symbol of the Chinese national spirit

  Carry forward the national spirit

  General secretary's words

Must pay attention to the inheritance of historical and cultural protection

Protect the root of the Chinese nation's spirit

Regional coordinated development

  Xi Jinping has a long-term vision and plans to deploy

  six years ago

  "Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei coordinated development" rises to national strategy

  three years ago

  "Millennium plan, national event"

  Hebei Xiong'an New District was born

World vision, international standards,

Chinese characteristics, high point positioning

  "Millennium Plan" starts with "Millennium Xiulin"

  Xiong'an growing slowly with seedlings

  Will be a historical legacy for future generations

Qinling and Hehe

  Ze was world

  Is the central water tower of our country

  It is the ancestral line of the Chinese nation and an important symbol of Chinese culture

  Qinling illegal villa

  Not only exposed to natural ecological problems

  There are also political and ecological issues

  Painful thoughts and pains

  General Secretary Xi Jinping's drum hammer

  Qinling Ecological Environmental Protection and Restoration Work

  Place an important position

  Perform well

  Be a good Qinling Ecological Guardian

Never repeat the same mistakes

Never leave infamy in history

  Be conscious of politics

  Be aware of the greatness of the country

The Yellow River is the mother river of the Chinese nation

  For thousands of years

  Running around day and night

  Nurturing the Chinese nation

  Gave birth to the Chinese civilization

The history of governing the Yellow River from ancient times to modern times

  From the "two-year break in three years" to the 70-year-old An Lan

  Miracle of the Yellow River governance

  Realized by the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people

  In the socialist system with Chinese characteristics

  Give the best answer

Over 70 years

  People of all nationalities in the country work hard together

  Has made great achievements that make the world look at each other


  Socialist China stands majestic in the east of the world

  There is no power to shake

  The status of our great motherland

  No power can stop

  Progress of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation

  Such a big country

  The responsibilities are very heavy and the work is very difficult

I will be selfless and live up to the people!

I am willing to achieve a "no self" state

Dedicating yourself to the development of China

  Clang Words of General Secretary Xi Jinping

  Let the world see

  Responsibilities and responsibilities of a great power leader

  The road is very long

  The love is very real, the deeper the longer

  Seek happiness for the people

  For national rejuvenation

  People's leader Xi Jinping

  Measure the earth with footsteps

  Serve the people with true feelings

  Traveling all the way along the mountain

  Keep going all the way