Italian media said that the government of the country agreed during its meeting held on Thursday to sell Egypt two "FRAME" frigates, amounting to 1.2 billion euros.

In addition to the two frigates, La Repubblica newspaper reported, Egypt intends to purchase 20 inflatable boats, 24 M346 طائرة training aircraft, and 24 Eurofighter Typhoon multi-tasking aircraft worth 10 billion euros.

And the newspaper singled out in an independent news information about the size of a large military spending for Egypt and deals it signed with other countries, and stated that Cairo signed a deal to buy 20 SU-35 planes worth 10 billion euros.

The newspaper pointed out that the value of Egyptian arms deals will be from financial aid provided by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

What about the Regeni case?
Earlier, Italian lawmaker Erasmo Palazzotto, head of the parliamentary committee investigating the killing of Italian student Giulio Regeni in Egypt, called on Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to clarify the merits of the big arms deal with Egypt, while the dead student's parents said that the Italian government had betrayed them.

The Lastamba newspaper quoted MP Palazzo as saying that the Italian government had broken promises it made to the Regeni family, who had been found dead in Egypt about four and a half years ago, and Rome had repeatedly pledged to his parents to work to uncover the truth and bring the perpetrators to trial.

Regeni, 28, is an Italian student and researcher who disappeared in central Cairo on January 25, 2016, coinciding with the fifth anniversary of the January Revolution, before his body was found with traces of torture on February 3 of the same year.

In an attempt by the Egyptian authorities to wash their hands of the accusations of his murder, the Ministry of the Interior submitted on 25 March 2016 a novel that later proved falsely claiming that it had killed a gang of 5 people in a shootout in a Cairo suburb and found in her possession Regini belongings.

Since that date, diplomatic relations between Egypt and Italy have been strained, and the Italian and international newspapers and media have received the issue of Regini's death, and civil society organizations and human rights organizations have adopted it with the aim of pressuring the Egyptian authorities to uncover the cause of the case.

We feel betrayed
on the other hand, the La Repubblica newspaper quoted Paola and Claudio Regina -oheme parents of the student Julio Regina- as saying that their country Khanthma government when it decided to conclude a large arms deal with Egypt, and said that those weapons would be a tool in the hands of the Egyptian authorities to violate human rights.

"We also feel betrayed and also offended and angry at the government’s use of the file," he added. "Every time a trade agreement is concluded with Egypt and he describes the Sisi government as a friend, it is tantamount to shooting Regeni's name as if they want to get rid of his case."

The newspaper described the military deal as very sensitive, because it is new evidence of the strong political and commercial relationship between Rome and Cairo, although the latter has not been cooperating in the past years in order to reveal the parties involved in the killing of student Regeni.

A few days ago, La Repubblica quoted a source in the Italian prime minister as saying that this deal is considered "the task of the century", because of the political, commercial and industrial values ​​it represents.