President Trump scheduled rally on anniversary of slave liberation Changed to next day June 13 16:19

President Trump of the United States has announced that the meeting for supporters scheduled for this month 19 will be changed to the next day because it will coincide with the anniversary of the release of slaves. With protest demonstrations spreading following the death of a black man, it seems that there is a desire to avoid criticisms against itself for the presidential election in the fall.

Following the spread of the new coronavirus, President Trump has announced that he will hold a large-scale rally for supporters who had been withheld since March 19th in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

However, in the United States this day is the anniversary of the liberation of slavery, and Tulsa, Oklahoma is also the site of the massacre of blacks by whites in 1921.

As demonstrations protesting racial discrimination spread across the United States, it was criticized as inappropriate as the date and place for a large rally in three months.

In the midst of all this, President Trump posted on Twitter on 12th June, ``We respected the opinion from black friends and supporters that the date should be changed and decided to change it on June 20th,'' Clarified that the schedule of the meeting will be the next day.

The opposition Democratic Party has severely criticized the government's response to the death of a black man, and it seems that President Trump would like to reduce the criticism for the fall presidential election.