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11 June 2020Red areas? In Emilia-Romagna, in Medicine, "we made it at night, a difficult political decision, and then we informed the government that it allowed us to do it". So the Emilian governor Stefano Bonaccini, interviewed by the deputy director of Sole 24Ore Alberto Orioli in the webinar 'Out of the health emergency: a new Europe' organized as part of the R2B on Air international fair.

"We asked the Government in mid-March to set up two provinces, Rimini and Piacenza, entirely as orange, almost red areas, with the heaviest restrictions in my region, and Red Zone Medicine, because epidemiologists showed me dramatic data. So in doing so we saved a large part of the infection that could spread in the metropolitan city of Bologna ".

"Centralized healthcare is a senseless proposal"
If someone comes from Rome in Emilia-Romagna to explain to the Emilia-Romagna region that healthcare is managed entirely from Rome in the future, he will not find Bonaccini's opposition, he will find the Emilia-Romagna who will take sides against a proposal that would be absolutely senseless, "said the president.

" Aiming for 10% of home care "
" Italy has 4% of home care. The OECD average is 6%. The current government has made investments of several billion euros which will lead Italy to have almost 7% of home care. It is too little yet, we must reach at least 10% "