China News Service, June 10 (sweet and sweet) The epidemic raged and anti-racial discrimination protests continued, but US President Trump really "can't sit still." On June 8, local time, his campaign team revealed that in the next few weeks, he will officially restart the campaign for the 2020 US election.

  Faced with the largest public health crisis in the United States in a century, a rare economic recession, and the largest demonstration chaos since the 1960s, the "Three Mountains" came to the top, with the slogan "Let the United States Continue to Be Great", Trang Can Pu keep his presidency?

Data graph: US President Trump.

Presidential elections in multiple predicaments

  More than 1.96 million people were diagnosed and 110,000 people lost their lives. The haze of the epidemic in the United States has not disappeared.

  Statistics released by the US media on June 8 show that the number of confirmed cases of new crowns in 22 states of the United States is increasing. The situation in Florida is the most severe. Data show that the number of newly diagnosed cases reported daily in the state has skyrocketed by 46% in the past week.

  People should have "houses" where possible to prevent viruses at home. However, recently, the United States has loosened restrictions on epidemic prevention, coupled with the death of African-American man Freud, detonating the anti-racial discrimination anger, many people took to the streets. Experts worry that the epidemic situation may deteriorate further.

On June 1, local time, New Yorkers marched on the streets of Manhattan to protest police violent law enforcement. On May 24, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the United States, African-American George Floyd was killed for alleged misconduct by police during law enforcement. This incident triggered a wave of demonstrations across the United States. China News Agency reporter Liao Panshe

  In addition, the double attack of the epidemic and protests has also filled the uncertainty of the US economic recovery prospects. Affected by the epidemic, since March, nearly 43 million people in the United States have begun applying for unemployment benefits. And some of the violence in the protests and the curfew imposed on some cities that have resumed work and production have even hit the service industry a second time.

  According to a report released by the US polling company Rasmussen Reports, only 27% of Americans believe that the country is moving in the right direction, which is the lowest value in the past four years.

Demonstrators protesting on the streets of Washington. China News Agency reporter Chen Meng Tongshe

"Let America continue to be great"?

  On June 8, local time, the Trump campaign team said that it is expected that Trump will restart his campaign to "let the United States continue to be great" in the coming weeks.

  Trump campaign manager Brad Pascal said in a statement that Trump's campaign will be grand and will exceed its rival, Democratic presidential candidate Biden.

  Biden officially locked the Democratic presidential nomination on June 5, 2020, while Trump already locked the Republican presidential nomination in March. However, a number of major polling agencies in the United States summarized May data that among the registered voters interviewed, Biden's approval rate was around 50%, and Trump's approval rate was around 40%.

  The "Washington Post" quoted an official as saying that polls showed that Trump's approval rating lags behind Biden, which forced Trump to decide to "get back on the road."

Data map: On the evening of June 18, 2019 local time, US President Trump officially announced his re-election in Florida.

Two difficult problems

  Since this time, Trump has had to keep up his spirit and is busy dealing with the two problems of the epidemic and demonstrations.

  Trump previously claimed that in response to the new crown pandemic, he had "remarkably good results" but was "corrected" by the US media. "Trump only declared a state of emergency in early March. At this time, the United States announced the first case. Seven weeks have passed since the new crown case."

  After the demonstrations began at the end of May, the Trump administration's response caused controversy. Trump claimed to be the "Law of Law and Order", emphasizing that if states cannot resolve the problems of protest and looting, they will deploy troops.

  But many military figures, including US Secretary of Defense Esper, did not "buy" for this.

On May 31, local time, the US Democratic Party presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden went to a scene in Delaware where protest demonstrations broke out and talked to a public on one knee. Biden said the United States is "in pain."

  On the other hand, while Democrats such as Biden accused the Trump administration of downplaying the epidemic and lacking preparation, it also criticized the government's handling of racial discrimination. Washington DC Mayor Bowser directly joined the parade, calling on the public to vote Trump out of the November election.

  There are also signs of division within the Republican Party, and many Republican gangsters have "turned back". Jin Canrong, deputy dean of the School of International Relations at Renmin University of China, pointed out in an interview with China News that Trump’s handling of the epidemic and demonstrations dissatisfied the Republican party. A small number of formed elites are "drawing a line" with him.

  The New York Times reported recently that people familiar with former US President George W. Bush revealed that Mr. Bush will not support Trump's re-election in the 2020 election. And last week, Bush Jr. directly declared on Freud’s death, "This is a time for the American people to reflect on our tragic failure."

  Although Bush’s spokesman Ford later stated that “Bush did not want to discuss the issue of the presidential election, and he did not indicate how he would vote,” analysts pointed out that the clarification of the Bush administration was purely “fire fighting” because the Bush family had In 2016, it was stated collectively that it would not support Trump.

  In addition, former US Secretary of State and Republican Powell directly criticized Trump, saying he would support the Democratic candidate Biden in the presidential election. Romney, a former presidential candidate and a senior Republican senator, in addition to publicly expressing his disapproval of Trump, also considered "voting another vote in the name of his wife."

On June 5, Bowser, the mayor of Washington, D.C., requested that the words "The life of a black man is also life" be painted with bright yellow paint on the 16th street leading to the White House.

Rare "political danger"

The situation remains to be seen

  The epidemic continued to haze, racial discrimination "scars" hard to heal, and encountered a rare economic recession, Reuters said, "Trump seems to be in an unprecedented political danger."

  Jin Canrong believes that the epidemic in the United States is mainly to fight the poor economically, and the proportion of poor people in the African-American group is high. This also led to the fierce reaction of African-Americans in this protest.

  Jin Canrong said that Trump had actually adopted a "tough guy stance" in response to this matter, in order to consolidate his white basic masses. Because in his view, the African-Americans account for a small proportion of the total population, and most of the votes are also cast for the Democratic Party, and he does not need to spend energy on this group.

On May 30th, local time, in Chicago, the United States, several protesters wore masks with the words "I can't breathe" and took to the streets to protest.

  Liu Weidong, a researcher at the American Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, analyzed that the protest seemed to be a racial conflict issue, but it was actually a statement of Trump's ruling. The income gap between blacks and whites has not improved, and both sides live in "two worlds." Once a little problem occurs, it is easy to detonate contradictions.

  Liu Weidong said that during this protest response, the positions of the US governments at all levels were sometimes "not suitable." Most importantly, Trump’s position was vague, starting with sympathy, and then turning the issue of racial contradictions to violence, failing to make his due position, which led to the rapid expansion of the anger of the masses.

  Liu Weidong pointed out that after the Freud incident, there will definitely be more ethnic minorities, including black people, to come out and vote to support the Democratic presidential candidate. But at the same time, there are Republicans willing to "protect" Trump. The confrontation between the two sides is "you chase me". There are still a few months before the election, and the current atmosphere may have subsided, so the situation of the election remains to be seen. (Finish)