China News Service, June 10, according to the "European Times" reported that on June 9, local time, the French Eiffel Tower operating company announced that after three months of closure, the Eiffel Tower will be reopened to the public on June 25.

On May 10th, local time, a photo of the representative of the laborer was displayed on the big screen in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, and it was written "Paris is grateful to those who made us thank you enough."

  According to reports, a statement on the Tower website said, "Due to the new coronavirus epidemic, the Eiffel Tower was closed for more than three months, the longest period of closure since World War II. The Tower will be reopened to the public at 10 am on June 25, 2020 ".

  The report pointed out that tourists can only go up to the second floor, and visitors over 11 years old must wear masks and only climb the stairs from the stairs. In addition, the number of tourists in the rectangular square around the tower and the number of tourists ascending the tower will be limited. The top floor is temporarily closed. Visitors need to climb the stairs from the east pillar and down to the ground from the stairs of the west pillar.

  At present, a total of 154,591 cases have been diagnosed in France and a total of 29,296 deaths. The French government does not expect the national health emergency to extend beyond July 10, but some restrictions will continue to be implemented.