Hainan Chengmai County Party Committee Secretary's Case Disclosure: Using "Creation and Invention" to Elevate the County Committee Standing Committee

  On the morning of June 10, the National Discipline Inspection Commission's website reported that the Hainan Provincial Party Committee held a meeting on the integrity of the municipal and county party committees. Liu Cigui, the secretary of the provincial party committee, collectively organized the 19 municipal and county party committees and the Yangpu work committee secretary The incorruptibility talks informed the 23 municipal and county party and government leaders investigated and dealt with serious violations of discipline, law and crime since Hainan Province was established, and warned the city and county party secretaries of the province with similar negative teaching materials at the same level.

  Among them, Ji Mingjiang, former secretary of the Dongfang Municipal Party Committee, and Yang Sitao, former secretary of the Chengmai County Party Committee, were partially disclosed.

  According to a report on the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Ji Mingjiang ignored the spirit of the eight central regulations. In order to be able to travel in first-class aircraft by plane, he arranged to revise the travel expenses management regulations, stipulating that cadres at the eastern city level can take first-class cabins. He is the only department-level cadre in Dongfang City, and the terms are tailor-made for him. He ignored the democratic centralism and did not seriously implement the report system for major matters, and regarded the major issues and issues within Dongfang City as "family affairs" and "closed the door" himself.

  Ji Mingjiang, male, Li nationality, born in May 1963, from Ledong, Hainan. Ji Mingjiang was the mayor of Dongfang City in August 2009 (promoted to the main hall level in August 2012), and the secretary of the Dongfang Municipal Party Committee (the main hall level) in May 2014, and then transferred to the party group of the Hainan Provincial Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee in February 2017 Secretary, director, was investigated in July 2018.

  The Hainan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection pointed out in a double bulletin that Ji Mingjiang violated the spirit and integrity of the eight central regulations, traveled on official business in a first-class aircraft, and accepted private business owners to arrange golf. The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection also stated that its desires have expanded, its use of power is arbitrary, and it has been corrupted and degraded.

  The report of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection's website also mentioned that Yang Sitao has worked in Chengmai for 17 years, from deputy county head to county head and county party secretary, and was gradually promoted from the deputy division level to the main hall level. Substituting the county investment committee for the county committee standing committee and the county government standing committee to make important decisions is the "creation of invention" when Yang Sitao was in charge. The purpose is to aerialize the county committee standing committee and the county government standing committee, so that he can engage in freely " One word."

  During his tenure, Yang Sitao passed the county investment committee's 220 decision-making issues for violations. The organization principles and the "three majors and one big" rules of procedure are virtually useless in Yang Sitao's eyes. He regards the internal supervision system as a "scarecrow", saying that supervision is a "blind guarding the door", and ignores the goodwill reminders of the team members.

  Yang Sitao, male, Han nationality, born in November 1964, from Dapu, Guangdong. He has been Secretary of the County Party Committee of Chengmai County since 2008.

  Hainan media reported in December 2008 that in order to implement the spirit of the provincial economic work conference and the fourth plenary session of the fifth session of the Provincial Party Committee and actively respond to the financial crisis, Chengmai County held a special meeting to establish the idea of ​​"serving for one dollar investment". Fully mobilize the investment enthusiasm of the whole society.

  In order to ensure the realization of local investment goals, Chengmai County Party Committee and County Government decided to take eight measures. The first is to set up a special investment committee. The county party secretary Yang Sitao personally "leads the commander" and opens a "green channel" for investment investors. "For the declared project, a meeting must be held within one working day, the minutes of the meeting should be issued within one working day, and the formalities must be completed in accordance with the law within two working days.

  Since then, the "Chengmai County Investment Committee" has appeared in local media reports from time to time.

  For example, Chengmai local media reports showed that on the afternoon of November 6, 2013, the Chengmai County Investment Committee meeting was held in the county committee standing committee meeting room. The meeting reviewed and approved a number of project plans and plans in principle. The meeting successively reviewed the "Request for Consent to Hainan Xinrong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. to Integrate the 8.36 Mu Land Use Right of Meilun River", and "Report on Hubei Ruibang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.'s Application for the Construction of an Annual Output of 5000 Tons of Aquatic Peptide Project" And other topics, and in principle adopted 12 project plans and site selection plans.

  In 2017, Yang Sitao was transferred to Party Secretary and Chairman of Hainan Agricultural Reclamation Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. and was investigated in March 2019. According to a report on the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, Ji Zhaomin (who was then the county magistrate of Chengmai County) took over as secretary of the Chengmai County Party Committee and soon canceled the county investment committee.

  In November 2019, the case of Yang Sitao's suspected bribery and abuse of power was prosecuted by the First Branch of the People's Procuratorate of Hainan Province, and the First Intermediate People's Court of Hainan Province opened the case for trial. Yang Sitao was sued as a staff member of the state organs, using his position to seek benefits for others, illegally accepting bribes totaling RMB 33,827,738,490 (including an attempted acceptance of RMB 2,369,975,458), the amount of bribes was particularly large; abuse of power caused the national economy to lose RMB 123.4151 million yuan.

  Surging news reporter Zhong Yuhao