Covid-19 in Italy: Relatives of victims file a complaint, Tale heard by the courts

An Italian doctor visiting an elderly man suffering from Covid-19 on April 16 in Bergamo, a city that has become a symbol of deaths linked to the virus. Flavio Lo Scalzo / Reuters

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In Italy, the justice system works on two parallel files. One concerns the role of regional authorities in Lombardy and the government in managing the Covid-19 epidemic in the province of Bergamo. The other concerns the first fifty complaints submitted on Wednesday 10 June to the prosecutor's office by relatives of the victims.


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From our correspondent in Rome,

The objective of the committee of families and relatives of victims of Covid-19 is to shed light, in particular on the methods of care which have often proved to be catastrophic, for the elderly patients .

The complaints lodged will be examined by the prosecutor of Bergamo who will then decide on possible prosecutions. At the same time, the Bergamo public prosecutor's office opened an investigation against X into the management of the health crisis in the province of Bergamo, where one of the most important infectious foci in Italy was identified at the end of February.

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The judiciary wants to understand why this province was not immediately isolated. The Public Prosecutor has already heard from the region's governor and the regional health adviser. They said it was up to the government to make such a decision.

The President of the Council, the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Health will therefore also be heard as persons informed of the facts. The appointment for Giuseppe Conte is fixed in Rome Friday June 12.

To date, the coronavirus has killed more than 34,000 people in Italy.

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