China News Service, June 10, according to the US "World Daily", the Oakland Chinatown Recovery and Resiliency Fund (Oakland Chinatown Recovery and Resiliency Fund) recently set up to help Chinatown merchants damaged in violent looting.

  Chen Xipeng, the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, said on June 8 local time that he has already raised US$37,000. After the money is in place, he will decide how to allocate it.

  Nadine Marcelo, a Filipino girl who has lived in Auckland Chinatown for a long time, has previously raised money on gofundme to help the violently looted Chinatown restore its economy. As of 5 pm on the 8th, Marcelo's fundraising page had already donated 651 people. She said that all donations will be handed over to the Chinatown Recovery Fund.

  Chen Xipeng said that in addition to Marcelo's donation, there are other loving people reaching out and the recovery fund has now raised US$37,000. Part of the funds will help more than 30 merchants that have been smashed and robbed. The amount of assistance ranges from hundreds of dollars to 1,000 dollars. Each merchant's needs are different. As much as possible, we will provide a little more help according to the needs.

  The other part of the funds will be handed over to the "Good Food" program (GOOD GOOD EATZ) run by Chinatown Volunteers, which helps Chinatown small businesses to develop business strategies and operate social media.

  In addition, Mayor Xue Libi of Auckland also revealed that he will raise money from private organizations to support the restoration and reconstruction of Chinatown. (Liu advanced)