China News Service, June 10, according to the US "World Daily" report, New York was fully resumed on June 8 local time. Yin Dao, the Chinese candidate who ran for the by-election of the Queens District Mayor, urged businesses and the public to protect themselves and pay attention to safety. Due to the need for many masks after the resumption of work, Yin Dao and the campaign team led the North American Chinese disaster relief aid team to visit the apartment complex where Spanish-speaking residents gathered in South Queens (close to the airport) away from the Chinese neighborhood to conduct mask donation activities. .

  Yin Dao said that New York Governor Como announced that the first phase of resumption of work will begin on June 8. Since Queens is one of the most severely affected areas in New York, and anti-virus vaccines have not yet been released, he hopes that everyone will be serious about everyone Wear a mask to go out. While protecting one's health, it also allows people passing by to feel safe and not cause panic. Yin Dao said that we are all members of this land, and we should help each other regardless of skin color, without racial discrimination.

  The 56-year-old Yin Dao was the first generation of Chinese immigrants. He was born in Shanghai and graduated from East China Normal University. He studied in Japan in 1988 and studied political science. Ten years later, the United States worked in many companies, including online shopping, robotics, and computing. Technology and other companies; his political platform for the election is "increasing employment, improving housing, rectifying transportation, improving education, and ensuring public order."