by Fabrizio Patti 10 June 2020
Swing for European stock exchanges after the estimates of 2020 growth released by the OECD. Secretary Ángel Gurría spoke of a crisis never seen before and estimated a drop in world GDP between -6% and -7.6%.

The stock exchanges, which started off well, lost ground and then recovered and settled on parity. Another turning point after the opening of Wall Street at 15.30. Ftse Mib -0.35%, London + 0.11%, Frankfurt and Paris -0.25%.

At the opening in New York, different trends for the Dow Jones index (-0.53%) and for the Nasdaq, which with the +, 6% at the start touches the new historical maximum. 
There is also expectation for the Fed's decisions and for US data on mortgages. Oil loses ground and goes down again, with Brent at 40 dollars a barrel.

Among the sectors in Piazza Affari, banks were bad (-0.96%), after yesterday's drops, when the European Systemic Risk Board had invited banks and insurance authorities to extend the stop to coupons at least until January 1, 2021 More reassuring words have arrived today from the number one of the ECB's Supervision, Andrea Enria, according to which the restrictions on the payment of dividends "can be withdrawn" if there is not a second wave of contagions and there will be a sufficiently solid recovery in the economy. .

Slight rise for the spread to 185 basis points.