Bullying has become one of the most dangerous phenomena prevalent in recent years, which has negatively affected the psyche of both adults and children.

The prevalence of abuse, physical bullying, and electronic intimidation increases day by day, but for children this extends with them to advanced stages of life, and leaves a great social and psychological imbalance on the child.

Below we monitor the children of celebrities who suffered from bullying and ridicule due to the harm of social media pioneers.

The son of Muhammad Ramadan

Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan posted on his personal Facebook page a picture with his son with a comment in which he said, "I learned my son Ali Howzai (how) sterilizes his room in Corona Virus clip."

But a shocking comment came from one of the followers, when she said, “The black of his calamitous father (like his father) is the misfortune (no one) of his children in the beauty or color of their mother.” He replied, “I am proud of my color and the color of my father and my children.” Ramadan added that he was happy with his features And because his children will become non-racial because the characteristics of their mother and father are of two different colors.

What the follow-up wrote created a situation of great attack on her, accusing the girl of racism, and this came in conjunction with the ridicule of Mohamed Ramadan's sister at her wedding ceremony and her exposure to bullying and ridicule.

Daughters Karim Fahmy

"Social Media has become a swamp", in these words, the actor Karim Fahmy expressed his dissatisfaction with many offensive comments on his two daughters, because he published a picture of them in which he hidden the features of their face in a heart image, during the wedding of his brother Ahmed Fahmy, amid the support of many stars.

It is noteworthy that among the most prominent comments attacking the two girls, "You are hidden and why not?" (Why did they hide their faces ?!) And, "What is needed (what is the importance of) these hearts (what) does anyone have daughters with?" “I don’t understand who will envy them while their hair is so rough and frizzy” (I do not understand who will envy them, and their hair is curly rough ?!), and another described the child’s hair as “the wire of the pastures”, which angered the brothers Karim and Ahmed Fahmy.

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The sweetest and most expensive thing in my life is noticeable: the media media has become a quagmire and I discovered that there are many people who need education, unfortunately, and that I have recovered from some of the Komnat in the picture that I missed

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The son of Sarah Al-Wadani

Beauty expert Sarah Al-Wadani and her son were bullied by active accounts on social media, by displaying two of them with two personal pictures from cartoon programs, to begin a campaign of ridicule on the child and his mother.

These pictures sparked a wave of criticism among a number of followers who saw this as a form of cruel bullying.

Sarah Al-Wadani and her son: pic.twitter.com/P50rmZ1Hz3

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The son of Cristiano Ronaldo

Some bloggers have tweets that ridiculed the body and clothes of the son of Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, as some described his form and clothes below the level of his father's status.

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About last night 👪❤️ #ChristmasDinner #finoallafine

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The son of Ghada Adel

Abdullah, the son of actress Ghada Adel, received a great mockery from the Twitter pioneers, after publishing a picture that brings them together on the sea, as the followers laughed at him because of the enormity of his body and mustache.

The son of Laila Alwi
Bullying did not have mercy on Khaled Ibn Laila Alwi - Adopted - as social media pioneers ridiculed his extra weight and described him as a child with a big man's body, and these comments bothered those close to Laila Alwi.

Saad Al-Saghir's son
Moody, the son of the artist Saad Al-Saghir, who was less than ten years old, was subjected to a campaign of ridicule in his form.