Violent battles continued between the Yemeni army backed by the Arab alliance, and the Houthi militias on the fronts of the capital's collar, while a plane was downed in Nahham Sanaa, repelling Houthi attacks in western Taiz, and the militias continued their violations of the UN armistice in Hodeidah.

In the details, the violent battles between the Yemeni army, backed by the Arab alliance, and the Houthi militia in the Nahham front, northeast of the capital, Sanaa, continued for the third day in a row, amid advances by the army and tribes in the vicinity of Najd al-Ataq liberated, with continued targeting of militia sites and reinforcements in the region.

The army's artillery rammed the sites and reinforcements of the militias in the vicinity of Al-Dushush area, which the Houthi elements tried to recover, which led to the destruction of military vehicles and the death and injury of many Houthi elements.

On the other hand, the air defenses of the seventh military zone in the vicinity of Sanaa managed to shoot down a Houthi plane in the east of the Nahham district, which was on its way to a military target of legitimacy in the strategic crucifix front.

To that, military sources in Sana'a revealed Houthi moves to send large reinforcements to the Naham front, the Al-Jawf junction and Sarwah Marib, to resolve the battles in those areas as described, noting that the militias are mobilizing large groups of their elements in Sana'a, Hajjah, Al-Mahwit and Amran, with field commanders from Saada to send to insatiable.

The sources confirmed the arrival of large Houthi armed groups to several areas in the two districts of Bani Hashish and Arhab in the vicinity of Nahham, in preparation for the move to the areas of contact in Sarwah, Nahham and Al-Jawf, in which the militias have recently suffered significant losses due to battles with the army and tribes and the bombing of coalition fighters.

Meanwhile, coalition fighters bombed four raids, stationing Houthi military vehicles in the vicinity of Jabal Salb in Nahham Sanaa, which led to their destruction and the death of Houthi elements who were in the area.

The coalition fighters also bombed Houthi vehicles in the vicinity of the Al-Marazeeq and Al-Muhashima areas of the Khub and Al-Sha`f district in Al-Jawf, and five raids hit Houthi positions in the vicinity of the Haradh district in Hajjah.

On the other hand, fighting between the army, backed by tribes, on the eastern fronts of al-Hazm in al-Jawf, and the Sirwah District, west of Ma'rib Governorate, continued within the framework of the army's military strategy of defending and repelling the Houthi attacks, with sudden attacks on militia sites.

In Taiz, the joint Yemeni forces managed to break two separate attacks by the Houthi militia towards the Al-Barh Triangle and Wadi Rasyan, west of the governorate, in which dozens of militias were killed and wounded.

Field sources stated that the joint could foil two Houthi militia attacks on its positions in the Al-Barh Triangle, in conjunction with another attack in the Rasyan Valley, west of Taiz Governorate, but it soon receded.

The sources pointed out that the joint forces responded to the attacks, and dealt firing strikes against the attacking militias, and forced them to retreat and break, and left a number of dead and wounded among the Houthis, while destroying other military mechanisms and equipment.

In Hodeidah, the Houthi militia continued to violate the UN armistice, and yesterday, they bombed several areas in Al-Faza, Al-Jabaliya, and Al-Tur, using the various types of weapons, in addition to bombing joint sites and residential areas in Al-Duraimi, Hayes and Beit Al-Faqih districts.

In al-Bayda, one person died and another was injured by a landmine explosion, planted by the Houthi militia on the road linking Radman to the Mufleh area of ​​Hauran al-Amer.

Mines and devices that were planted by the Houthi militia in roads, pastures and homes resulted in the death of dozens of civilians, and the injury and amputation of hundreds of members in various governorates in crimes against humanity.

In Ibb, the Al-Saddah Directorate witnessed a massive demonstration of the people of the Directorate refusing to appoint a Houthi leader accused of crimes and financial corruption, as Director of the Directorate, according to local sources, noting that the demonstration demanded the dismissal of the Houthi leader, Akram Al-Sayyadi, who was appointed by the militia as Director of the Directorate.

The protesters threatened to escalate in case their demands were not met, and to stop imposing the levies and extortion practiced by the fisherman.

• The Houthi militia continues to violate the United Nations armistice in Hodeidah, bombing areas in Al-Faza, Al-Jabaliya, and Al-Tur, in Tahta.

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