China News Agency, Paris, June 8 (Reporter Li Yang) The Notre Dame Scaffolding Removal Project officially started on local time on the 8th. As an important part of the restoration work of Notre Dame Cathedral, this project is expected to last at least 3 months.

  The removal of the scaffolding of Notre Dame de Paris is considered a difficult task. During the removal process, the parts of the scaffolding may fall and damage the walls of Notre Dame. At the same time, due to the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, strikes, weather and other reasons, the project has been delayed for nearly 6 months, resulting in the entire repair period also becoming tight.

On June 8, local time, the demolition project of Notre Dame de Paris officially started. China News Service reporter Li Yangshe

  The reporter saw at the scene that the workers carefully approached the metal scaffolding around the spire of the original Notre-Dame de Paris and carried out related operations. The crane kept lifting items from the top of the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Many people watched around Notre Dame.

  According to official announcements, there are a total of 10 workers in two groups of workers who will take turns operating. In order to ensure the safety of workers' work, protective nets were installed on site. The reporter saw at least six workers working on the site at the same time.

  A fire broke out on Notre Dame in Paris on April 15, 2019, when the Notre Dame was undergoing repairs, and a scaffold composed of 40,000 parts weighing 200 tons was installed around the spire. The fire destroyed the spire and most of the roof of Notre Dame, and the scaffolding was also burnt and severely deformed.

On April 15, 2019, the spire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France was devoured by fire.

  After evaluation, the official determined that the scaffolding must be removed. This is because the scaffolding has the risk of collapsing and seriously threatens the safety of Notre Dame. At the same time, only by removing the scaffolding can experts further assess the damage to the structure of Notre Dame. The Notre Dame Foundation said that the scaffolding removal project requires "very complicated and delicate operations", and experts have prepared for this for a long time. In addition to the cranes operating on site, two temporary lifts were also installed.

  After the scaffolding is removed, a more durable temporary roof will be built, but some officials said that the work may be postponed until 2021. The restoration project of Notre Dame de Paris has many challenges. After the removal of lead pollution and the relaxation of the control measures to deal with the epidemic, the square in front of Notre Dame Cathedral was reopened on May 31.

  French President Macron promised to rebuild Notre Dame in five years. The French church hopes that Notre Dame will be reopened to the public when the 2024 Paris Olympics is held. (Finish)