"She didn't even get a hug that last morning," says Minna with tears in her eyes.

She has been mum to Sofie since she was placed with them from BB thirteen years ago, in everything but on paper. Because even though Sofie has been placed in family homes in a so-called upbringing, the custody has never been moved to them.

This has had consequences, because Sofie now has no legal right to those she calls mom and dad.

Accusations of sex abuse

The conflict began with two other young people. A guy in the family's vicinity was investigated for sexual abuse. The police investigation was closed. But when the social services later got suspicions that Sofie could also be exposed, she was abruptly removed from school, despite herself saying that she has not been exposed to anything.

The guy moves

The accused guy moves in the same vein as Sofie gets picked up at school. But the social service nevertheless terminates the family home. They believe that trust is broken. "It is a serious shortcoming that the family home does not think anything has happened, " they write to the family home.

For Minna and Jocke it came as a shock. They have been a family home for 20 years with cooperation with the social services and have several adult children who have done well.

Seeking help

Sofie is told that she should never come home again. From the new family home she writes to relatives, friends and acquaintances asking for help: "Don't want to be here, kind of want to die".

Many concerns.

The social service responds by letting the new family home take away Sofie's phone and computer. They feel that it is not good for her to have contact with her family. “She just sat with the phone. Since we removed the phone, she does other things , ”they say.

But Sofie is becoming increasingly hostile and has finally "acted out" so much that she is moved to a on-call home, and two days later to an HVB home.

The social service does not want to comment

The social service Borlänge does not want to answer SVT Nyheter's questions. But in the documents it says that she feels bad about the move and wants to return. In secret recordings SVT News has received, they say: "She is traumatized because we have moved her from there, from what she calls her mother and father".

According to the family home and the biological parents, Sofie wants to talk to SVT News, but despite repeated attempts for two months we have not been allowed to talk to her.

Footnote: Sofie, Minna and Jocke are in fact named something else.

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Sofie, 13, is placed in an HVB home where she cannot have her mobile phone or computer and cannot communicate with her family.