Iran Judiciary Office Death sentenced to spy for providing commander information to the United States on June 9, 20:49

The Iranian Justice Office announced that the Iranian defendant, who had been accused of spying, was sentenced to death for providing the United States with information such as the whereabouts of the commander of the Revolutionary Guard Corps who was killed in January. Did.

According to a press release from the Iranian Justice Department, defendant Seied Mahmud Musavi Majid is connected with the US CIA = Central Intelligence Agency and Israeli intelligence agency "Mossad", and commander Solei Mani of the Revolutionary Defense Corps, an elite unit. I was providing information about whereabouts and movements of the.

Detailed information such as the defendant's age and affiliation is not disclosed, but he said that he received US dollars in return for providing the information, the court sentenced to death for spy, and the sentence is expected to be executed soon I am.

Immediately after the murder of Commander Soreimani, Iran took revenge and attacked the base of US troops stationed in neighboring Iraq with ballistic missiles.