Illustration of a battered woman and domestic violence. - A. GELEBART / 20 MINUTES

Despite her pregnancy, she eventually fled into the forest in the middle of the night to warn the police. This woman victim of domestic violence was very afraid during the night of Friday to Saturday Saint-Privat-en-Périgord, in Dordogne. His companion, a young man of 25, is suspected of having beaten him at the family home under the influence of alcohol, reports Sud Ouest.

The six-month pregnant woman was said to have received one or more punches before being pulled by the hair. She then fled through the woods with her mobile phone to warn the gendarmes. Her companion, arrested on the spot, had an alcohol level of 1.6 g per liter of blood. Brought before the prosecution, he was placed under judicial supervision. The victim was prescribed three days of total incapacity for work by a doctor.


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