Black Death Protest Demonstrates Biggest Weekend in Washington on June 7, 12:12


The protest demonstration that started in the United States following the death of a black man was held in the major cities of the United States on the 12th day from the incident, of which tens of thousands of participants in the capital Washington were on the street near the White House. Voiced criticism of President Trump's response to issues such as racism.

In the U.S., a black man was killed in the Midwest state of Minnesota after being killed by a white police officer on his head, and a protest began protesting that the police response was racist.

On the 6th of the weekend, protest demonstrations of thousands to tens of thousands were held in major cities across the United States, and in the capital Washington, the tens of thousands of participants, the largest since the incident, ran the road near the White House. Filled up.

A 33-year-old black man who participated in the demonstration criticized President Trump's response to racism and other issues, saying that President Trump's lack of understanding and action for black people is jeopardizing the country. Did.

Thousands of people marched across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on the west coast in protest of the death of a black man.

Regarding the series of protest demonstrations, images of police officers holding down the participants of the demonstrations were repeatedly streamed on TV and social media, the momentum of the protest demonstrations has not slowed down, and there is no prospect of the situation ending .

Trump’s media criticism

President Trump said of the biggest protest demonstrating since the incident near the White House: "It's less crowded than you expected. The National Guard, Secret Service, and police are doing a great job. Thank you," I posted after 11:00 am on the 7th of Japan time.

He then posted, "Some media are working hard to fuel the fire, but fortunately the audience is really small," highlighting the small demos.