Murdering French Islamic militant leader in Mali June 7 17:59

In the countries around the Sahara Desert in Africa, as the activities of Islamic militants have become more active and security has deteriorated, the French troops deploying mopping operations are believed to have been involved in attacks targeting foreigners. Announced that he had killed his leader in Mali.

Abdullah Marek Dorkder, the leader of the Islamic extremist organization Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghrebs, who has been based in Algeria in North Africa, was killed by French Defense Minister Parri on the 5th. It has announced that French troops, which were conducting mopping operations, have killed in northern Mali near the Algerian border.

Dorckder leader from Algeria claims the organization was responsible for attacking hotels and restaurants in Burkina Faso and Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa in 2016, and was responsible for the murder of more than 40 foreigners. .

In 2013, an organization separated from the leader of the Dorkder attacked a natural gas facility in Algeria and killed 40 foreigners, including 10 Japanese.

France has intensified its military operations against Islamic extremist groups in the region, and Defense Minister Parri has claimed to be “a big success”, but armed groups have taken a leap around the Sahara Desert, where central government control is difficult. However, the security situation is unstable.