The Corona epidemic is still spreading globally, until statistics exceed the barrier of 7 million infected and 400 thousand deaths. In the Arab region, injuries in Saudi Arabia exceeded 100,000, at a time when most countries are trying to ease restrictions to revive their economies.

The Saudi Ministry of Health announced the registration of 3045 new cases of the disease today, Sunday, raising the total number to 101.914, and the total death toll reached 712, after the daily number of new infections exceeded the three thousand mark for the first time yesterday.

On Friday, the authorities announced the re-strengthening of health precautions in Jeddah, the gateway for travelers to perform Umrah and Hajj, for a period of 15 days to stop the spread of the virus.

In Qatar, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 3 deaths, one thousand and 365 injuries, in addition to a thousand and 811 recovery cases.

In the UAE, the Ministry of Health said it recorded one death and 276 injuries, in addition to the recovery of 745.

Kuwait also recorded 10 deaths and 717 injuries, while the Ministry of Endowments issued a decision to reopen the mosques starting next Wednesday, coinciding with the announcement of a three-stage plan to resume the movement of passengers by air.

In the Sultanate of Oman, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 866 injuries, while Bahrain announced the registration of 18 injuries and 412 recovery cases.

In Lebanon, which is witnessing demonstrations against the deteriorating economic situation, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of one death and 11 injuries.

On the other hand, the Supreme Committee for Health and Safety in Iraq decided to extend the comprehensive curfew for the third week in a row after the high numbers of injured and deceased, which angered those affected by the procedures for their dependence on daily wages in their work.

In the north, the Minister of Health of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, Saman Barzanji said that the virus has spiraled out of control and warns of a major humanitarian catastrophe, as the number of infections increases rapidly until it reached more than a thousand and 200 cases.

In Egypt, the Medical Syndicate reported that Dr. John Lotfi Sadiq died of his infection, bringing the number of doctors who died of the virus within 24 hours to 9, according to sources with the island.

In Algeria, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 104 new injuries, down by 11 from the previous day, while the government began easing quarantine procedures and allowing the resumption of some commercial activities and work in construction workshops.

In turn, Tunisia announced that no injuries were recorded for the fourth consecutive day, at a time when Morocco detected 26 injuries, and Libya 17.

International statistics
At the international level, the United States remains at the top of the list of affected countries, with deaths exceeding 110 thousand cases, and the number of injured reached nearly two million, at a time when protests against racism raise fears of increased infection.

Brazil came second with 676,494 injuries, followed by Russia with 467,673.

Spain ranked fourth with 288,390, then Britain with 284,868.

The French government said that the total number of deaths increased by 13 to reach 29,155 cases.

Italy recorded 53 new deaths today, compared to 72 the previous day, and 197 injuries, down from 270 the previous day.

Several European countries continue to ease restrictions, especially in Denmark, which will open swimming pools and gyms tomorrow, Ireland, which will open all its stores except shopping centers, and Britain, which will open places of worship and "non-essential" stores.

In Canada, the number of deaths increased by 0.9% to 7773 cases from 7703 yesterday, which is another indication that the worst in relation to the pandemic has passed, and the number of injuries has increased to 95057, coinciding with the reopening of the economy and the easing of restrictions.

Mexico is also suffering from the spread of the epidemic, as the number of infections reached 113 thousand, of whom more than 13 thousand died.