While the United States and China are in the midst of a Corona 19 responsibility battle, the Chinese government has made a clear statement that it cannot "accept claims for compensation" while boasting of its performance in the Corona 19 white paper.

The Chinese State Council's Newspaper Publicity Office published a'White Paper on the Prevention of Corona 19' and introduced China's efforts and achievements to stop Corona 19.

This white paper was written in 37,000 characters from the occurrence of Corona 19 in China to the process of processing, and explained, "Amid the unprecedented natural disaster, China dared to fight the epidemic."

The white paper also said that prompt action was taken under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the government, and that President Xi Jinping took the initiative to direct the situation and made a decision to gather the power of the Chinese people.

The white paper, while boasting, "China has suppressed the spread of corona19 in a month after efforts and heavy sacrifices, and has suppressed the number of new confirmed cases in a single digit in two months."

The white paper pointed out that, in particular, it targeted the United States on the “Chinese Responsibility” offensive, “in an open and responsible manner, it provided information related to Corona19 and shared its control experience,” he said.

The White Paper said, "The origin of Corona 19 is a scientific problem, which requires expert research, and it is irresponsible and immoral to shift responsibility and cover it." I can't."

(Photo = Central China TV capture, Yonhap News)