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Cherilyn Sarkisian (74) is going through the pandemic locked in her Los Angeles mansion, waiting to recover her tour of casinos and sports venues, where her show of impossible headdresses, dresses that defy laws of physics (and perhaps the civil code from some country) and friendly songs will find an audience eager to receive it. At the moment, you have to settle for his version of 'Chiquitita', the ABBA song , which he has just released and which continues along the path of reinterpretations of the Swedish group that Cher started in 'Dancing queen', his 'covers' album from 2018.

Winner of an Oscar for best actress in 1988 for 'Hechizo de luna', pioneer of 'autotune' (distorted voice that is all the rage among rap and trap youth) through her mega-hit 'Believe', Cher represents that type of woman who has achieved everything and who gives everything a little the same. This does not mean that you are back from everything, worth the triple redundancy. Her political commitment to the Democratic Party and, specifically, to Donald Trump , make her very active and passionate in her demonstrations on political and social issues. Does the influence (supposedly of rejection) of her first husband, Sonny Bono, have anything to do with it? With him she had her first success, 'I got you babe' (1965) and with him she was married and had her first child, before Bono abandoned music and joined the ranks of the Republican party, for which he reached the House of Representatives and Mayor of the Californian town of Palm Springs.

What has it been like to sing in Spanish? It was difficult to find the exact point you were looking for. So I had to go back to the studio four or five times, because neither I nor my Spanish teacher felt that we had reached the level we set ourselves. "It is not good enough," we kept telling ourselves. So we keep shooting, first in England and then here in California. It took me a long time to get it. At the time, ABBA released the song for charity, for Unicef. Does it have any special meaning for you to do it also for altruistic purposes? ”They contacted me and I only put my voice. And my company gave them all the royalties, which is what we should do. How would you define the impact of the coronavirus? It is a dark cloud in the sun, which amplifies how we each are. Explain yourself. This is bringing out the best in good people and the worst in people who are not so good. The truth, I do not understand how you can hit someone or yell at them for not wearing a mask. But it is a sign of the times, with this president ... And that is, for me, the worst problem. His influence on people? Obviously, in the United States we had these people before him, but Trump has given them light Green to go ahead and show how racist and disgusting they are. How do you see Donald Trump? He will never do anything but make money at the expense of the United States and the Americans. Because that's the way he is. He has publicly supported Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate. Do you think you stand a chance in the presidential elections at the end of the year, despite the accusations of sexual harassment mounting over you? I still think you can beat Trump. And I think that if you don't, it will most likely be the end of the United States as we know it. Your first steps in music were at a time when it seemed that songs could change the world. And, in fact, they did it on issues like the Vietnam War, the civil rights movement. But it seems that there is not that same energy against Trump. When I started in music there was this fever for the protest song, because you did not agree with the elders. It was something that had to happen: all people have to make their own way, decide who they are and make their own decisions. But I also think that there are many older people who can be very useful. And if you are one and you do not like what you see, you have to try to change it. That is, you do believe that there is energy in music to stand up to it. When something affects musicians and they are pissed off enough, they start writing songs that reflect that anger. You were reborn with 'Believe' 22 years ago. Was he aware of the pitch he was going to become? We had no idea what it was going to cause. We had the chorus, which was fine, but we didn't like the lines of the verse. And then I heard a kid singing on English television with a vocoder [an effect microphone]. So I went to Mark [Taylor, the producer of the song] and told him to do something like that. He replied that he could not put a vocoder, because it was already recorded, but that he could play with the pitch of the song to get the same sound. And the next day, when we heard it, we looked at each other and the five of us collided. Soon we had my record company dazzled. Because the key was that it didn't sound like me. Foolishly, he's been in music for half a century. Why do you think it has lasted so long? I have three songs that have been used in television commercials. And when a song of yours appears in commercials, it's that you're in American culture. Somehow, people associate you with the United States. Because these songs are 50 years old. So when they ask you to use your music on film or television, you have to say yes, because it is the key to surviving this long in business, going back to the coronavirus. How are you doing at the concert stop? Caught you by surprise? I discussed it with my manager and told him that this was going to get worse. And he told me to continue as far as we could. To the point of performing in an area where basketball had just been played. I'm dying to go back to work. And I don't know anyone who doesn't have the same problem. Do you think we will have a vaccine soon? I don't know if there will be a vaccine or maybe there will be a cocktail of medicines that will make the disease bearable, as happened with AIDS. And are you afraid that we will stop hugging each other? I am very stumpy and I find it hard. I've only been out of the house once, but a few days ago we had my birthday party. We were in the garden, two meters away, there were only nine of us and we had masks. So we did everything that is supposed to be done. And hope that nothing happens. Are you aware that your music is accompanying many people in these difficult times? Do not think about it. I just hope that my music makes people happy, without believing that it has a certain impact. I make songs that mean something to me, hoping that they mean something to others. He is also an icon of feminism for his way of living life and relating to men. How do you see the current state of the fight for equality? It is a very long subject to dispatch in a couple of sentences and it is a bit late, honey.


In the first macrocelebrations of Pride (when it was still the 'gay pride'), there was a theme that could not be missing: the 'Believe' of Cher playing at full blast. And it is that when Lady Gaga was still peeing on herself Cher was already an icon for the LGBTI community, thanks to her fantasy outfits, which the passage of time has ended up leading to gargantuan levels. And not only that: her own experience as a mother has made her an emblem almost at the level of the rainbow flag. "I know what it is to be a mother and have two creatures at home," she says at one point in the conversation. "And, of course, supporting them." Her oldest son, Chaz Bono (he has another, Elijah Blue, the result of his relationship with Gregg Allman), was born a woman, but in 2008 he began a transition process that culminated in 2010.

"It's a very strange step for a mother to go through," Cher confessed to the process in 2013. "Her story is a success story," she would add shortly after about the change. "And our relationship is at its best since she used this word in reference to her old 'me', she was a girl."

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